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Life is less complicated when you’re pure of heart and mind. #WomenInBlockchain

On Internet Safety Day, We Note Safer Internet For You & Yours

The internet is a convenient, wonderful, yet scary place.

We don’t let our kids walk down the street alone, but we allow them a smart device; which gives them them access to the dark web?

I remember being 14 years old and explaining to a peer exactly how the “world wide web” worked…

The perplexity on his face still amuses me today.

Me: “See like, the internet is…

Hypergraph Hour Episode 5 Recap

The first Hypergraph Hour of 2021 was exciting and a crowd favorite! In fact, we filled every seat and ran out of room in our pro Zoom chat room! The overflow quickly spoke up in our Telegram community and we released the event on YouTube a few hours later.


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Earth is a small piece of the vast and beautiful puzzle we term ‘outer space.’ Many of us have channeled our inner “Buzz Lightyear” and dreamt of the possibilities that exist within the infinite universe. We’ve all seen magnificent photographs and have been in total awe of what lies outside…

A Recapitulation of Our Phenomenal Growth Period at Constellation Network

Source: Back To The Future Movie, 1985

Many have comments on 2020, most aren’t terribly positive. That’s not true here…. “Extraordinary” is a way we describe 2020 at Constellation Network. …

Interplanetary File System (IPFS) is a revolutionary way of storing and transferring files. This is a peer to peer (p2p) system of sharing and storing files that seeks to alter the method of information distribution on a global scale. …


Many of us reflect back to childhood and think of our beloved stuffed doll, pillow or the amazing and classic Teddy Bear. Many of us are inspired by the love of a stuffed sweet Teddy Bear. But why? …

”Arguing that you don’t care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don’t care about free speech because you have nothing to say.”-Edward Snowden.

The brilliance and usefulness within decentralization was brought to life via Bitcoin, the first successful case…

By Alyze Sam on The Capital

InterPlanetary File Systems, To The Rescue!

Introduced in February 2015, TechCrunch Magazine noted IPFS was “quickly spreading by word of mouth.Source.

Despite sounding like a new “WTH?!” acronym for Reddit and teens, it’s not.

It’s possibly a key component to solving deep-seated but largely unknown problems that exist in today's internet usage.

Some believe IPFS…


Give! That’s it. My work here is done.

You can feel cheated, you can call it ‘click-bait’… whatever you want. But it’s true. Giving will make you wealthy beyond your wildest dreams. …

On Narcissistic Abusers Awareness Day we rightfully ask: Is Racism The Root Of This Evil?

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In the matter of George Floyd’s death, I have one word: Disgusting.

There’s nothing “okay” about this situation.

The news headlines once again read, “Black Man Wrongfully Slayed by White Police Officer.” We’ve heard it on the news in America so much, we’re virtually desensitized: which is also not “okay”.

Alyze Sam

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