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Interview for The Capital Newsletter: How a Nurse, Teen, and Biotechnologist became the World’s Termed First Stablecoin “Experts” (there are no experts, silly!)

Alyze Sam
6 min readMay 31, 2020
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It sounds like the beginning of a ridiculous joke:

‘A nurse, a teen and a biotechnologist walk into a bank….”

Shockingly, this line is no parody, this is the tale of how a few underdogs took the crypto community by storm and are now leading the way in stablecoin education.

Alyze Sam is a self-proclaimed ‘old-school nerd” was an early investor in Bitcoin; she states it wasn’t the currency that interested her, but the magic found in the technology. Sam’s CV includes spending 12 years as a mental health and hospice nurse. She states she got into crypto “by accident” as she suffered multiple spinal injuries in a major auto collision, leading to a 4 year battle with a rare autoimmune disease. Sam expressed hopelessness to those close to her, but she fought for her life and the blockchain community were there to cheer her on the entire time.

Sam’s new book, Stablecoin Economy, is downloading onto Kindles across the globe, as it remains one of two books available on the subject, both written by Alyze and her team. Stablecoins are only now mainstream channels as the world’s biggest banks and tech companies have begun stable tokens, so we asked Alyze why she was interested before the frenzy.

Sam responded, “It was a writing assignment. I was asked to release an article introducing stablecoins to the crypto community as a ghostwriter. There was almost nothing on them at the time. It was to be released in a Christmas Edition of a crypto magazine in 2015. Well, that didn’t happen because the company owners wanted to put a picture of a naughty nurse next to my work… I was not impressed. I shared the graphics with my mentors in the Blockchain Sisterhood, led by Jen Greyson. I wasn’t the only crypto woman upset. We silently threw a fit and showed those boys who ACTUALLY wears the pants in blockchain- the Ladies! After talking to my sisters, I retaliated as one should: I refused payment, would not let them publish and decided I’d use the last two months of my work to expand on this new tech- and make it as unbiased as possible.

Although, the start to this book was simple; I was going to prove women aren’t sex objects and our brains are far more valuable than our Instagram photos, but the book became more when I met Arnaud Saint-Paul and we Co-Founded GIVE Nation. GIVE is a financial literacy program for children, a stablecoin that rewards kids for altruism and learning- if we aren’t experts we aren’t going to get this right. So, it felt right to obtain and study everything I could on stablecoins. I knew there was a way to use technology to save the world and empower, educate and love our children and I saw this as my opportunity.”

Alyze Sam was trained by several industry leaders and while slowly becoming one herself, she picked up a few friends along the way. Long-term investor and notable crypto accountant, Patrick Devereux and the Team McAfee boys helped sponsor Sam’s first book. They were also financial advisors and contributors.

Koosha Azim, a gifted Silicon Valley teen, found himself fascinated by this technology and the lifestyles of those in the tech startup world. Being wise beyond his 16-year-old mind, he saw the potential and asked the awesome team of tech misfits if he could add value. Koosha sought mentorship, but the team states he’s the heart and mind of this accidental business.

Koosha is great. He’s our heart, soul, and driving force. This book has become a business and it’s Koosha’s business. We let him lead and we just direct in love. He’s why we’ve been so successful.” Sam shares in another interview.

Koosha Azim is a teenage blockchain leader lecturing university students in Africa with the Stablecoin Economy book content. Once African universities open, Africa Blockchain University will be integrating Stablecoin Economy reading material in university curriculums and boot camps across the African continent.

The team was blessed when they found their editor and publicist, Adam Alonzi, on social media. Sam was instantly fascinated by Adam’s vast intelligence and begged him to join, she jokes ‘he didn’t have a choice. lol!

Adam Alonzi was introduced to Bitcoin in 2011. To his long-lasting chagrin, he did not invest, although he was interested in the underlying technology. Beginning his writing career in his late teens with two novels that received some critical acclaim but few sales, he realized there wasn’t much money in pretentious Pynchonian fiction, Adam turned to ghostwriting and technical editing while freelancing in the biotech industry as an independent consultant.

He has leveraged his past experience as an award filmmaker and regular contributor to health magazines as the Head of New Media at BioViva Science. BioViva and its sister company, Integrated Health Systems, are advancing healthy human longevity through bioinformatics and gene therapy. As a former prop trader at an international Forex firm and a commodities broker, Adam has a great deal of hands-on experience with currency and other assets. Although his primary occupation is biotechnology, his avocations, literature and neuroscience, have culminated in a 2017 publication in the Routledge Handbook of Consciousness and an upcoming collection of Beaumont and Fletcher’s plays — the first affordable edition in over a century.

As an interdisciplinary analyst and scenario creator at EthicsNet, Adam has spent a great deal of time pondering the philosophical aspects of creating moral machine intelligence as well as the more practical aspects of implementing, possibly in a decentralized manner through Distributed Ledger Technology. As CTO of Global Art Gallery, Adam is investigating the power of DLT to combat fraud and, through its capacity for fractionation, transform the way people purchase fine art and collectibles.

On May 14, 2020, the three released Stablecoin Economy: Ultimate Guide to Secure Digital Finance. This latest financial technology book explores stablecoins and blockchain banking in great educational depth. With help from Adam Alonzi, a new addition to the Stablecoin Education Group team, Sam has turned years of research into a slick reading experience.

The book covers essential grounds in the blockchain space; from the history of money to staking stablecoins. The content is perfect for beginners and crypto veterans.

With the launch of this title, Sam and her team have initiated the Stablecoin Education Group: a collaborative group of financial technology advisers. While Sam has led the research and authoring component of the project, Koosha Azim and Adam Alonzi managed the editing and publishing process.

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