Fake News isn’t as Bad as Fake Cancer & Why this is an Ethical Issue

Google Says Bitcoin is Trending, US Attacking Giants, Facebook Saves Africa, Facebook with Number 1 Currency, Julian Assange is a Rapper and was Jailed Long before his Recent Arrest, Amazon Overthrown AND MORE News from April 2019


Ethical problems are seldom straightforward. This is especially the case in a new, vast and rapidly changing area like data, whose full scope and implications are as yet unknown. Answers that appear convincing today might easily be shown to be wrong tomorrow.

We are witnessing mixed emotions with the adoption of digital currencies. According to recent broadcasts, Security Tokens, StableCoins & other Cryptocurrencies aren’t the only excitement and cause for new regulations across the globe. Never before mentioned ethical questions are arising as technological advances continue.

Look around…

Since we are watching our favorite ‘sci-fi’ tales come to life; we’ve noticed, tech gurus are not the only individuals shouting the importance of data privacy. Everyday people are suffering the consequences of corporations exploiting law abiding citizens.

Oh, and how can we forget to mention, the dreaded “Fake News” plague which is upon us; bringing forth questions of trust.

The World Ethical Data Forum [WEDF] will be here to provide transparency as civilization faces tribulations never before imagined. We are honored to bring together the most brilliant and influential minds from around the world to examine the opportunities arising from the development of technologies that continue to open unprecedented possibilities for knowledge and influence.

Each month we will briefly review world events to inform the public about the most recent important events impacting our lives from a privacy and security point without losing track of the ethical narrative surrounding companies in emerging technologies, as well as leaders, voices of rights and freedom of speech.

The World Ethical Data Forum is the world’s leading platform for impartial and balanced exploration of the urgent ethical and practical questions around the use and future of data. Please give us feedback on this journey, as we explore and solve together, as a community.

At this point in web history, if one has used the internet, one has more than likely encountered a shocking headline they later had to embarrassingly learn was not factual. According to Israeli researchers hackers can now have control over your health care decisions. Could you be getting chemotherapy for ‘fake cancer’?

Researchers Trick Radiologists with Malware-Created Cancer

Tired of Internet “Giants” easily and deceptively obtaining personal information? You’re not the only one. The United States of America decided to take action this month.

Giants get Attacked by US Government

Amazon Overthrown by Shareholders.

Photo Source: https://fortunedotcom.files.wordpress.com/2017/03/jeff-bezos.jpg

Google’s external ethics board has been controversial from the beginning but why are they calling it quits after a week?

Google says Bitcoin is Trending and Dissolves it’s Ethical AI Board after a Week

In other Google news…

The Brief, Volatile Life of Google’s AI Ethics Board’….

Apparently grandma isn’t the only one on Facebook these days. It’s been said Facebook could replace the US dollar and they’re making efforts to help with crisis relief in Africa!? But don’t allow great marketing and heart-warming news overshadow the fact they’re still sharing personal information and accused of multiple other scandals. Keep in mind, we are merely discussing world headlines Facebook is connected to within the last 30 days. As you see, Facebook is hard to keep up with, but these are the major ethical issues chosen to highlight. What would you add or remove?

Facebook will replace the US dollar as a global currency & Saving Africa but Still .

Don’t worry, Facebook AI knows where we live, but they say it’s for a good cause!

Facebook AI Maps Africa, Claims for Relief Efforts

We are forced to take Facebook at “Face” value as they once again claim “no harm done” in The Cambridge Analytica Data Leak Scandal.

Another Facebook Data Collection Glitch

Third Party Error Leaves Facebook Data Exposed

Facebook to be Held Accountable for the Data They Share

Photo Source: http://fm.cnbc.com/applications/cnbc.com/resources/img/editorial/2017/02/17/104290009-GettyImages-126106038.1910x1000.jpg?v=1487353678

Lastly, Julian Assange. Julian (JA) and his lawyer, Human Rights Attorney, Jennifer Robinson spoke at our event in Barcelona last September. We released the viral video he made right before his arrest. You may refresh your memory here. The WikiLeaks founder has once again been arrested and many are in uproar. Here’s a few headlines in April that brought us many concerns.

JA’s Mystery Tweets Purpose Still Unknown

Boxing in a Box

The Scales of Justice Do Not Weigh Evenly

Photo Source: https://binged.it/2V0iRjL

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