Helping Pregnant Women Have the Confidence & Knowledge to Give Birth Naturally with Caroline Murray

Caroline Murray is the author of ‘Natural Birth in a Nutshell’, a no-frills guide to Natural Birthing and pregnancy. This straightforward book provides women with confidence, allowing babies a safe and natural arrival. Containing over 20 real birth stories, readers enjoy the education provided but also gain a look into pleasant experiences with holistic birthing methods.

Akasha asked Caroline about what prompted her desire for a natural birth. Murray responds; (06:03) “It’s almost as though it was just in me. I just knew.”

Murray describes a conversation with a friend stating she was always perplexed by the fact women were supine during delivery. “I could never understand why women were encouraged to lie down to give birth…. (07:04) We have this amazing force called gravity that can help”.

As a social worker, Caroline was no stranger to a clinical setting, (07:15) “I worked in a hospital, and it felt like a workplace and not a very safe, comfortable place.” Like many, Murray was inspired by the benefits of natural birthing and said she never felt a hospital was the “right environment” for her “once in a lifetime, beautiful experience.”

Caroline embraced her midwife’s philosophy of “just allowing birth to happen” She states, (12:40) “You don’t really have to do anything. Get yourself into that position of feeling at peace with your birth. Allow the baby to come through.” Murray and her husband successfully brought four healthy babies into the world via natural home birth.

Now, the definition of “Natural Birth” varies based on culture, so we asked Caroline her opinion. She says very matter-of-factly, (16:23) “it’s a vaginal delivery without drugs.” Historically, most women gave birth at home without emergency medical care available. Natural childbirth attempts to minimize medical interferences, particularly the use of anesthetic medications and surgical interventions.

Murray says when there’s added medicinal intervention, it takes away from the experience. “to me, it’s about being aware and conscious.

When discussing the benefits of natural birthing, Caroline tells us: (31:50) “in the hospital, you’re supposed to be laboring according to specific timeframes that they have laid down in their guidelines. I’m sorry, but that’s not how it works. It’s a natural event, and it’s hormonal, and it will happen in it’s own sweet time.”

Caroline continues, “ I think that’s another benefit of having a natural birth, especially at home; you just labor your own time. In fact, it’s like anything, if you’re chasing something, it will run away from you.” She later adds (44:25) “When you have two children, you don’t have to have any separation anxiety going to hospital, and you could involve your children to whatever degree you want to.

When discussing healing after birth, Caroline tells us there’s both emotional and physical healing, the recovery dependant upon the delivery and circumstances. She reminds us (42:28) “healing is about listening to your body.” and gives the following insight to think about post-birth; “I think there seems to be an element of competition. Who can get out of the house the quickest with a new baby? This time is so precious for mother and baby to bond. The baby needs to be introduced to the world gradually.”

Caroline leaves precious advice for both pregnant couples and formerly pregnant women. She warns, (37:32) “I think the most important thing is to recognize when you first get pregnant is, everyone is going to throw all their negative crap at you. Everyone that had a horrible birth experience will feel like they have to share it with you. It’s not helpful.

What to do about shielding the negativity? Murray educates on manifesting the best outcome by; (39:54) “one, recognize that that is going to happen. When someone does that, if you want to be polite, imagine a beautiful rose bush and switch off. If you’re a bit more direct, say, ‘Look, This is making me uncomfortable, because I feel quite vulnerable’… the final thing is, fill your head with positive visions of giving birth; there are so many out there!” She suggests searching ‘positive birth experiences’ on YouTube and other online sources.

Caroline Murray is an absolute joy to discuss an array of birthing topics. We can’t thank her enough for joining us.

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