Indigenous War, How to Extend your life by 10 Years, Taj Mahal’s Malware Problem & Other Unbelievable World Headlines with Ethical Concerns.

Highlights 2/2 from April’s World News


Global Headlines Involving Ethical Concerns

Vive Le Crypto!

Extend your life by 10 or more years

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Symantec Identifies Data Security Leak Potential with over 1000 Hotels

Samsung Galaxy S10’s Fingerprint Scanner Fooled by a 3D Printer

New Malware Framework: The Taj Mahal

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The EUs Copyright Reform

EU Releases Trustworthy AI Ethical Guidelines

New Platform Seeks to Support Smaller Real Estate Agencies in China

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The Brexit, or Not

Constitutional Protection for Indigenous People

Tech Giants work with Samaritans to purge harmful content

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