“Learning to Birth” after Nearly Dying from Pregnancy

It’s no secret I experienced a very long and devastating battle with hyperemesis gravidarum. You can read about my personal battle as a nurse that couldn’t get support, here. I’ve included a medical and emotional support guide, with all the current medications used.


Every woman around the world should have access to the powerful potential to learn how to give birth if she wants to.

“A woman who knows how to birth knows herself. She takes back her body. She takes back her reproductive rights. No one can say to her after that “You can’t do that,” and have her believe them. She can’t be controlled. She knows her body, and her reproductive rights are hers and no one else’s. Women’s liberation happens because of women knowing how to birth — not in spite of it, and certainly not without it.” — Akasha Rose Indream, Learning to Birth Founder.

What’s Learning to birth?

It’s is a trusted and vibrant learning platform for moms-to-be. A one-stop resource for everything women and their support persons need to know to reclaim birth for yourself.

  • Learning to Birth showcases maternity care providers passionate about what they do in intimate, exclusive, 1 hour interviews.
  • Women and families across the globe need to have access to the information our speakers give in their exclusive interviews.
  • It is a platform where women and families learn to embrace childbirth, stay in control and celebrate it.

We invite you to join the Learning to Birth community.


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