One thing I miss about Germany is Oktoberfest. A party! Parade! People, beer, and endless food! Giant, colourful floats glide effortlessly through the sea of gleaming families. Kids grinning ear to ear, tasty treats flying through the air, parents shielding their little ones from all the raining candy and toys. It starts as an fun organized event, but can get a little chaotic at times, but the majority of residents love the celebration and have enjoyed this tradition for many years.

This crypto/blockchain explosion feels like an Oktoberfest celebration. It’s been surreal. It’s unbelievable. I feel like a wide eyed little girl on the side of the road, watching investments explode. This technology is changing the world for the better and I’m blessed to see people I love finally experiencing some financial relief. Because crypto as an economy can be nerve racking, I wanted to take a few moments and give some basic advice I’ve gained from incredibly successful investors and the scientists developing this technology.

Although parades leave you pumped and ready to take on the world, when the excitement calms down, there’s always a little mess. The streets need to be swept, cleaned, and will require some maintenance. Likewise, mass adoption of crypto is going to have a couple growing pains. Those of you that aren’t new to this game know about the crazy Forks in the road! The technology needs to grow as the users continue to increase at rapid rates. This is okay. It may leave you a little confused, scared or unsure so here’s some basic advice from a very basic investor.

Tips from safe/successful pros;

*Hold for longer terms. Making a quick 40$ is nice, but one year ago Bitcoin was 600/usd. It’s 10,600/usd as I type this.

*Don’t invest what you’re not okay with losing. I bought some Eth at 88$ and 388$ in May/June. It didn’t show a profit until this last week. It’s 512$ right now.

*Do not invest without educating yourself!!!! We give tons of info for no other reason than to help others. Read the white papers before you invest! Get a good foundation of what you’re buying. ( read the source of the invention!)

*Always get a reputable source. No. More. For every fact you find, ensure you can back it up with other sources. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Anyone that’s promising you “5btc overnight! Look at my bank account!” There’s fraud everywhere. Especially online. (Ever sell anything on Craigslist? It’s the worst. 😂)

*Dont be boastful about your massive gains. No one likes to hear “I told you so!“ 😂

I‘m merely a hospice nurse that learns everything the hard way. There’s nothing special about me except maybe my desire to have a servants heart. Please educate yourself and never stop learning. Also! Forgive me for not being impressive! I am completely humbled by the fact this industry is surrounded by pure genius and so many have helped educated me. Hopefully, I’ll produce some helpful articles in the near future. For now, I’m on bedrest from health complications, but that’s never stopped me from learning or trying to help others.

Life is less complicated when you’re pure of heart and mind. #WomenInBlockchain

Life is less complicated when you’re pure of heart and mind. #WomenInBlockchain