PAC Global has a Shiny New CCO!

Alyze Sam
3 min readMay 3, 2020


That shiny Communications Director is meeeee! (and the crowd goes wild! Sorry, we needed a little excitement, though!)

PAC Global, LLC is pleased to announce Blockchain’s social impact princess, Alyze Sam as the PAC global Chief Communications Officer. Alyze, or simply “Sam” describes herself as a “servant” and says she’s always caught “smiling and trying to make positive changes.”

Drew Saunders the CEO of PAC says “We are happy to add Sam to our growing team of talented and smart individuals we look forward to seeing how she advances our team and grow us in the industry.

About PAC

PAC Global, LLC is attractive and established digital asset. It offers one of the world’s most powerful and secure masternode networks, enabling frictionless transactions worldwide and making them faster, safer, and cheaper. Built upon a massive distributed network and championed by blockchain pioneers, and with the total elimination of the middleman, PAC Global is truly the people’s platform for transactional and data transmissions and immutable record keeping.

About Sam

Alyze Sam, has been a full time blockchain strategist, educator, writer and an advisor in the space for some time. As an early investor in Bitcoin, Sam fell in love with the technology. She states ‘Thankfully, I was involved in a terrible accident and had to overcome major adversity which removed me from my nursing career. I know that sounds sad, but it’s not! For the last 6 years, I have been able to do what I love, which is “nerd-ing out” and trying to change the world with technology. What better way to do that than joining a team of like-minded individuals that are as heart driven as I am. I’m excited and honored for this opportunity. OH! I’m also bringing my buddy, David Gokhstein, from Gokhstein Media and known New York Politician. We’ll be working hand in hand to bring value to the PAC vision and most importantly, to our token holders.”

Sam wrote the first published book on stablecoins and is finalizing a university text on the digital asset being released this month. She’s called to speak globally and is presenting a large conferences in New York, Las Vegas, France and Germany Q4 this year, on the new and rapid changing technology. Sam brings kindness, light- hearted fun and empathy to everything she touches. Being multifaceted but social impact driven, allows PAC Global to believe she’s a perfect fit for their mission.

Chief Information Officer, Oz Sultan and Sam just spoke at Virtual Blockchain Week 2020. Sultan announced his run for Candidacy in New York, USA. “PAC has a power team of individuals lined up and we are ready to make a positive impact in the financial world.”

Listen to Oz and Sam at VBW2020 and join the rest of the PAC Family in making the world a better place with secure, fast and transparent transactions.

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Alyze Sam

Life is less complicated when you’re pure of heart and mind. #WomenInBlockchain